Claire’s wet Westerfield walk – Thursday 18th May

Words and pic contributed by Claire Verlander


It looks brighter over there, I stupidly convinced myself as I polished off the last of my lovely curry, washed down with a nice pint at Wetherspoon’s. David Bird had joined me so I didn’t eat alone.


Reluctantly leaving the comfort of the pub, we headed to Christchurch Mansion. I was convinced nobody would turn up on an evening like this. A lovely summer evening it was not. But 5 other brave (or mad) souls had made a real effort to come along bringing our total to 7.


Why am I doing this? Why am I walking in the rain? I never walk in rain!! It wasn’t normal rain either or even light drizzle. This was vertical rain with no end in sight.


The walk took us up through Christchurch Park and across the fields of Westerfield. We could have walked further on but the Westerfield Swan pub was calling. Like 7 drowned rats we assembled in the porch of the pub. Looking at the state of us it was obvious that some of us would have been drier if a bucket of water had been thrown at us. David decided there was no way he could squelch his way into the pub. So back into Ipswich he trudged.


However with the alcohol flowing, our spirits were lifted and it was a nice chance to catch up with people/put the world to rights. Nick did the sensible thing, skipping the walk and just joining us in the pub. That is why he looks so dry and clean in the attached photo. I opted to take the photo due to the state of me I think.


Phil had prearranged a lift back home from the pub and Susan joined him and his lift. That left four of us to walk back into Ipswich. Mark left us halfway to head off into the darkness across a field – shortcut to his home. Adrian also left us near the town to divert to home. So that left just Sarah and I to finish the trip back into Ipswich. It was still raining when, totally bedraggled and soaked through, I caught the 10 pm bus home. 

Thanks to my brave fellow walkers who ventured out on my walk. I’ve just about dried out now. Hope they have too.