IOG Email Lists

The IOG uses two group email lists as the primary means of communicating with members.

The programme and official announcements from the committee are circulated to IOG members by using an IOG Google Group email list. These emails will have [IOG-Announce] at the start of the subject line. By giving an email address on your membership form, you agree to us using it for this purpose.

There is also another general IOG Google Group email list, which is used for updates to events and other information from members. The subject line of these emails will start with [IOG]. You can opt out of this list, but please note that you will not receive updates about activities if you do so.

You can choose to have a daily summary of emails, rather than receiving individual emails as soon as they are sent.

Points to remember if you are sending emails to the general group email list:

  • Please make the subject line relevant to the content.
  • Please use “reply”, rather than “reply to all”, unless absolutely necessary.
  • The IOG Facebook group can be used for general chat and uploading photos of events.

If you have any questions or would like to change the way that you receive group emails, please contact one of the committee.