New IOG logo

Hi, everyone.

You may remember that we ran a little holiday competition in December last year, asking for submissions for a new IOG logo. You’d be forgiven for thinking that we completely forgot about the results. 🙂

Not true!  We had several submissions for consideration and I’d like to make a special mention for the sterling efforts contributed by Matthew & Sophia Thomas, Bob Hannan and Marie-Louise Karttunen. It has taken a large amount of work this year to pick out a winner and get it ready for the group to use.

Creating a new logo was not at all an easy task – the group needed something that would work on the paper programme as well as on the website, Facebook and Meetup groups. It needed to look good when scaled down to the tiny icon used when storing bookmarks in a web browser, and also when scaled up to larger displays in case the group needs to produce posters or stands at recruitment events etc. Trying to get something that would fit all of these goals and also be representative of the group’s outdoor activities, was always going to be a challenge – requiring both imagination and technical skill to turn that into a vector-format image that the group can make full use of.

Without further ado, I’d like to reveal the winning entry, as chosen by the group’s committee – a design by Rachael Norris.


Ipswich Outdoor Group logo
Ipswich Outdoor Group logo


This was one of several designs Rachael drafted – she put a considerable amount of time and effort into the project, and I hope everyone can agree that it shows!

From a literal viewpoint, the new logo, which was based on a stock image, displays a signpost and a path over some rolling hills, which covers the group’s primary outdoor activities – walking, hiking, cycling. However, looking at the design a bit more figuratively, the signpost could also represent pointing in a new direction – and a path which if taken, and with a little work, could lead to a brighter hill ahead. All of which, I think, captures the positivity of being a part of our group.

The white signpost stands out well against the contrasting pastel colours of the hills meeting the sky, and the overall bright colour impression is pleasant and remains recognisable even when the logo is reduced to a small size where the writing is no longer readable. At the same time, those main themes are all still perceptible when the image is converted to grayscale for use on the printed programmes.

“Great picture … !

I think it looks attractive and sends the message of future adventures and possibilities.”
Matthew Thomas, IOG Chair 2013-16

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have already seen the logo has made it on to our Facebook page and website. It’ll be rolled out on to the group programme for the next quarter. To celebrate the launch, I’ve had a limited-release run of pin badges made up which I’ll be handing out at this month’s social meeting so do come along if you’d like one. Going on from here, the committee has lots of ideas of how we can make use of the new logo.

Many thanks for all who entered the competition and I hope you’re all as proud of the result for the group as I am!

IOG Chair