Peregrine Falcons are nesting again

Contributed by Marie-Louise Karttunen

I live opposite The Mill on Ipswich waterfront where a special nest for peregrine falcons has been built 70 metres above sea level. For the last two mornings I have heard their mewing – they have been absent all winter – and this morning I checked the webcam that is in situ and hey! there are three pretty little red eggs there. It is odd and wonderful to be able to see them perched on the balcony of one of the flats (vacant since the cladding blew off three years ago; what will happen when they have to compete with a resident owner I hate to think), hear their repetitive call and then peer inside their home. Once the young hatch out I can see the parent birds bringing prey to the nest and then watch the chicks being fed. Oh, modernity’s a marvellous thing whatever they say!

Check out the webcam: