Privacy Policy

Last Reviewed: 10/02/2019

How long we keep members’ data and where it is stored

Personally identifiable data about members collected from the IOG membership form will be stored for both the current IOG membership year (which runs from 1 July – 30 June) and the previous membership year. Every year, a membership renewal form will be sent around group members to update this personal information and if a member does not renew their membership, all personal related data will be deleted when the previous membership year data expires.- All membership data stored by the IOG will be stored online using Google services. The personal membership information of each member will be stored in a password-protected spreadsheet on Google Drive for the period described above, which may result in that data being hosted on a server that is outside of the EU.

Emergency contact information

In addition to the membership secretary, the IOG membership data will also be made accessible to the other members of the IOG committee for use in an emergency situation so that any member of the committee who is contacted can retrieve emergency contact information for a member, or any other personal information which may be required, by an IOG event organiser.

Data for a specific event/activity

IOG Event Organisers are encouraged to collect all relevant contact, emergency contact and medical information from event participants that is sensibly required for the type of activity they are organising. That information is strictly to be used solely for the organising of the event, co-ordinating transport and accommodation etc. Once the event is finished, it is required for event organisers to delete all such participant information from their records unless they have explicit consent to the contrary from the participating individual(s) (e.g. friends sharing phone numbers).

Ipswich Outdoor Group Google Group Mailing List

The official IOG Google Group is where the primary mailing list of the group is hosted.  Subscribing is recommended, as this is where the bulk of event information is posted.  Please note: any email sent to this list will be archived in perpetuity, including full names and email addresses, even once a member has left the group.  If this is a concern, either do not subscribe (you will need to use the public online programme to identify events of interest, then directly contact the event organiser) or please use an email address other than your primary.

Ipswich Outdoor Group Programme Leaflet, PDF & Google Calendar / Contact details of event organisers

The official IOG programme is published as a public iCalendar feed and displayed on the IOG website as an embedded Google Calendar. It is archived in perpetuity, including full names and email addresses by default of IOG event organisers, even once a member has left the group.

As well as being printed and distributed as a leaflet in the local area every quarter, a digital copy of the printed programme is emailed to group members and is also available to members of the public, on request.  The digital copy of the programme incl. names and email addresses (by default) is archived by the group, though the archive is not made publicly available as it contains members and ex-members potentially outdated contact details.

By default, the IOG will publish names and email addresses of event organisers on both the printed and online programmes as contact information for new members. If you have a preferred alternative contact email address or would simply rather your phone number was used in preference, let the Programme Editor know this when requesting your event be added to the programme. The Programme Editor will email around a draft of the printed programme to all event organisers contributing to that quarter’s programme to check that the information is correct, before publication. Corrections can be made to the online programme at any point by contacting the Programme Editor. Errors in the printed programme not picked up in the initial draft can only be corrected in subsequent quarterly programmes, once the printed programme has been finalised and sent to production.

Ipswich Outdoor Group on Facebook

The official IOG Facebook group is entirely optional. All terms and conditions of signing up to Facebook are the individual IOG members’ choice and the IOG takes no responsibility, nor makes any recommendation of use of the Facebook service. The IOG Facebook group is marked as secret, so any messages or photos submitted to the group will only be visible to other current IOG members. However, there is nothing stopping an IOG member from downloading photos or copying a message and re-sharing on their personal timeline. The IOG Facebook group is monitored and the administrator will step in, where deemed necessary, but please be aware that, as with your own personal timeline, it is impossible to guarantee where information could be copied by another user, once it has been shared to the group.

Ipswich Outdoor Group on Meetup

The official IOG Meetup is entirely optional. All terms and conditions of signing up to Meetup are the individual IOG members’ choice and the IOG takes no responsibility, nor makes any recommendation of use of the Meetup service. The IOG Meetup is used to publicly market the group and, generally, Meetup users are invited to join the main group as soon as possible, to find the latest details on members events.

Ipswich Outdoor Group on WhatsApp

The semi-official IOG WhatsApp group is entirely optional and is for both current and ex-members of the group and may contain ex-members whose subscriptions have lapsed. All terms and conditions of signing up to WhatsApp are the individual IOG members’ choice and the IOG takes no responsibility, nor makes any recommendation of use of the WhatsApp service. Users of the IOG WhatsApp group must accept that their mobile phone number will be shared with all other members of that WhatsApp group, which is a consequence of how the WhatsApp group messaging system is designed. If you do not wish to share your mobile phone number with all other members of that group, please do not request access to the group. If you receive unwanted communications from another IOG member, the committee will do whatever it can to intervene.