New IOG WhatsApp Group

For anyone with a modern smartphone or tablet that makes use of WhatsApp, a popular internet-based instant messaging service owned by Facebook, you are invited to join a new IOG, loosely-monitored, semi-official WhatsApp group. Unlike the IOG mailing list and the IOG Facebook group, we will not be rigorously enforcing rules about IOG membership – instead, it is intended to be a general mix of current and past IOG members.

The IOG WhatsApp group is intended to facilitate real-time chat between group members – from things like last-minute invitations to asking if anyone has a particular member’s mobile phone number. It may also come in handy for events in places like the Lake District where someone on top of a mountain has a data signal and would like to send a message to someone back at a hostel in the valley. Many hostels don’t have mobile signals so an SMS might not be delivered, whilst the user could be connected to the hostel’s WiFi and, therefore, a WhatsApp message can get through.

NOTE: Many of our members do NOT use WhatsApp, so it is vitally important that no official IOG notifications, either from the committee or from event organisers are sent only to WhatsApp. This supplemental IOG WhatsApp group, like the IOG Facebook group, is NOT a substitute for the IOG mailing list, which is where all of our important information must be posted. Unlike WhatsApp and Facebook, the email mailing list is universally accessible to all of our members.

IMPORTANT: WhatsApp is based around your mobile phone number, which means that if you join any WhatsApp group, you will be effectively sharing your mobile number with everyone else who is in the same WhatsApp group. If you are not comfortable with that, then please do not join the WhatsApp group! You can, of course, mute notifications or exit the WhatsApp group at any time, through the WhatsApp app.

That all said, if you’d like to join it, please send me a direct email to with your WhatsApp number and I’ll get you added this week.