Glen’s Saxmundham Shuffle, Part 2 – Sunday 12th November

Words contributed by Glen; map by Christina; pics by M-L, Stela and Christina

Twenty one today! That was the human total for the second instalment of Glen’s Saxmundham area autumn strolls (supplemented by one canine).

Typical autumn conditions were duly encountered too, as morning blue skies and calmness were followed by keen breezes and a post-lunch soaking, culminating in a rainbow back at the starting point of Saxmundham’s main car park.

Our route took us past a fairly new residential development in the town [retirement bungalows still available – ed.] and headed into countryside following Gull Stream to the north. We skirted around Lonely Wood (no surprise it was called that with signage making very clear visitors inside it were unwelcome) before proceeding right through  the Carlton Meres holiday park site centred around two substantial fishing lakes.

Onward and downward through open country we continued to Rendham, passing through the heart of the village before reaching our scheduled lunch stop at Sweffling’s rural and homely White Horse pub, which also happened to be David Truzzi-Franconi’s local, which he had visited the previous evening! Here most of us took advantage of the hot pies we had pre-ordered, the four varieties of which seemed to generate favourable feedback from everyone who had them. Probably substantially less positive opinions may have been evident from the pub’s regulars after we left as it could well be that the IOG becomes locally known as the lot that ate all the pies!

The walk back eastwards tested just how waterproof our clothing was, with some of us discovering some uncomfortable truths. Good exercise, food and company would have proved more than adequate compensation. [And they did, indeed! I’m not a fan of walking in the rain, but the company was so diverting who cared! – ed.]