IOG Mailing List

The IOG uses an email group mailing list as the primary means of communication between members, including programme and official announcements from the committee. Formal announcement emails to the list from the committee, are typically sent with [ANNOUNCE] in the subject line. IOG members are permitted to send emails to the mailing list to provide details and updates about events, along with other relevant information to the membership. The subject line of all emails to the mailing list will start with [IOG].

By ticking the appropriate box on the IOG membership form, you have given permission to add your email address to this email group mailing list. If you wish to change this at any time, simply send an email to our Membership Secretary requesting for your address to be added or removed, as appropriate. You can opt out of this list, but please note that you will not receive updates about activities if you do so, and will need to contact the event organiser directly for every event you are interested in, and make it clear that you will not receive updates sent to the mailing list.

You may also ask the Membership Secretary to configure your user to receive a single, daily digest summary of emails to the mailing list instead, rather than receiving every individual emails as soon as they are sent.

Points to remember for IOG members sending emails to the mailing list:

  • Please make the subject line relevant to the content.
  • Please use “Reply”, rather than “Reply to All”, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Please do not promote commercial businesses or post fundraising links
  • The IOG Facebook group can be used for general chat and uploading photos of events.

If you have any questions or would like to change the way that you receive group emails, please contact the Membership Secretary.