Joining the IOG

Most people come along to a few local events before deciding whether or not the Ipswich Outdoor Group is for them.  During this period, we hope you’ll get to meet some of the members and have a chance to decide if the type and level of events are what you expected.  We hope after three events, you’ll want to join our membership.

Our membership year runs from 1st July and the membership fee is £10 for the year. A concessionary membership of £5 is available for students, the unemployed and non-local membership i.e. those who do not live near the Ipswich area. Anyone joining the group for the first time after 1 January, will have their membership extended so it will be due for renewal on 30 June of the next year.

If you have any further questions about Ipswich Outdoor Group, you can contact Christina Bail (our Members Representative) by email through (preferred) or by telephone on 01473 211502. She will attempt to get back to you as soon as possible with the information you need.

When you’ve decided that you’d like to join us, you can fill in, download or print the PDF membership form (134KB). Click the button below to open the membership form.

Alternatively you can come along to one of our social meetings and ask for a form. Return the completed form to us by email or post, or bring it to one of our social meetings.

Please ensure that you complete all non-optional sections on the form, including the emergency contact details, and tick any appropriate checkboxes that apply.

Sending the completed form by email. If you intend to submit it by email, once you complete the PDF form it is important to save the .pdf file – with the personal information you’ve added – somewhere you can find it on your local storage, before sending it as an email attachment to the Membership Secretary ( You can confirm your personal details have been correctly saved with the file, by closing the PDF application (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome) and re-opening the saved PDF document – it should include all the personal data you entered.

Google Chrome tip:

If you’re using Google Chrome to fill in the PDF form, there is not an obvious button to save the completed form. Instead, click to Print the form and then change the Print Destination to Save as PDF. When you click the Print button, you will be prompted to choose a new PDF file location to save your completed form. Note: the new PDF file created by Chrome will be read-only and no longer editable, so do ensure you complete the form in one go.

Sending the completed form by post. The form can be returned by post to the Membership Secretary (Rachael Norris) at the address given on the form. When returning the form, please request the necessary details for an online bank transfer from the Treasurer (Sarah Sheppard) or Membership Secretary or include a cheque (payable to Ipswich Outdoor Group) for the appropriate membership fee.

Bring the form to a social meeting. Print out and complete the membership form. Bring it to one of our social meetings along with your membership payment.

Ask for a form at a social meeting. Join us at one of our social meetings and ask for a blank paper copy of the membership form.

Alternatively, you can print the form or request a printed paper copy at one of our Social Meetings. If you complete the fields before printing or fill them in by hand, then the completed form can be scanned or photographed and sent as an email attachment to the Membership Secretary.

After you have submitted your completed form and payment, the Membership Secretary will process your application soon but please be aware that it may be several weeks before you hear back, depending on real-life commitments. Your patience is appreciated – all our committee members are volunteers, and may not be available to respond immediately if, for example, they are away on a trip.

Once you’ve become a member of the group, you’ll be able to participate in our weekend trips and take advantage of the membership benefits. In addition to being a participant of the email group mailing list, you can also request to join the members-only IOG Facebook group and ask the Membership Secretary about our IOG membership key tags.

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