Guides for event organisers

This is where you’ll find some additional useful information about how to organise IOG events.

IOG Rules (Mar 24) (pdf, 77KB)

IOG Walking Best Practice Guidelines (Mar 24) (pdf, 143KB)

IOG Cycling Best Practice Guidelines (Mar 24) (pdf, 109KB)

A Guide to Organising an IOG Activity in East Anglia (Mar 24) (pdf, 79KB)
The IOG defines East Anglia as Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

A Guide to Organising an IOG Activity Outside East Anglia (Mar 24) (pdf, 76KB)

A Guide to Organising a Trip Away for the IOG (pdf, 283KB)

IOG Walking Kit Guidelines (Mar 24) (pdf, 209KB)

Please also see Forms for Event Organisers