Make sure you receive IOG emails

We often receive the following complaint – “I am not receiving IOG emails”

This is NOT the fault of anything that we have done at our end as the “sender” of the email. If you are having this problem then you need to take action to solve it at your end.

The problem frequently boils down to these two key points…

You are not looking in the correct email inbox

When you join the group you provide us with an email address. That email address is the one that we have registered as being ‘you’. So that is the email address we send emails to. If you are looking in a different email inbox then you won’t find the email.

ACTION YOU CAN TAKE – make sure we have the correct email address for you! If you are using an email address that is different to the one you provided on your membership form, tell our Membership Secretary – We can then update your contact details.

IOG emails are being sent to Junk/Spam

IOG emails are sent from a registered ‘safe’ email address, but even ‘safe’ emails can sometimes end up in the junk / spam folder. There are dozens of different ways people manage their own emails. Each email system has its own unusual quirks. 

ACTION YOU CAN TAKE – tell your email system to ALWAYS ACCEPT emails sent from (or to) an IOG address. There are different ways to do this. Some suggestions below. You probably don’t need to do all of them.

1. Add the email address (‘‘) to your address book.
2. Set up a ‘filter’ to always accept any email from an address that contains ‘ipswichoutdoor‘.
3. Add the email address (‘‘) to a list of ‘safe senders’.
4. Find an IOG email that has gone into SPAM and mark it as NOT SPAM. Some email systems then ask you if you want to receive all future emails from that email address.

You are probably asking “How do I do this?”

The webpage below contains links to instructions for most of the popular email systems.

If you can’t find instructions for your email system there, try Googling it. 

Suggested search term “[name of your email system], stop emails going to Spam