Rachael’s 30-miler via Helmingham Hall – Monday 6th May

Text and maps contributed by Paul W.; Hall pic by Wiki.

Four intrepid adventurers set out from Berners St. at 7.00am on Monday aiming to survive an ambitious 31 mile trek around the Suffolk countryside. Heading north out of Ipswich, our supreme leader (Rachael) guided us at a good pace towards our first few moments of respite; a welcome stop at Helmingham Hall’s café for tea /coffee and cake. We then headed west and south before finding our way back into Ipswich from Sproughton. See map(s) for more about the route.

Surprisingly, all four survived the experience. Rachael, Hilary, Steve, and I all lived to tell the tale. One member of the party seemed to experience no discomfort for the whole day, her super-hero powers standing her in good stead. Three of us enjoyed being reminded (at least a little) of our mere humanity via assorted blisters, sore knees, and objecting muscles!

The day was made complete by dinner at The Greyhound where our venerable chairperson joined us for a meal. Somehow, he felt he deserved this reward for his little evening stroll across the Ipswich landscape. Those of us who had lasted the whole adventure knew better!