A Circular Walk around Martlesham – Sunday 12th February 2017

Twenty walkers gathered at Martlesham Church car park at 1.30 pm – a pretty good turnout considering the lowering skies and nippy wind – and Jacqui Taylor, who had organised the event, began by diverting us through the churchyard where there was a lovely early display of snow drops.

This was not weather for hanging around, however, and we moved swiftly (well, fairly) on along a route that offered a surprising amount of variation in the course of its 5.8 mile length (see Glenys’ map, courtesy the OS application on her phone): woodland and a babbling brook, heath, fields and manors, breezy contact with the River Deben and a bit of close up and personal with some birdlife. Lots more too, no doubt, but the conversations were, as usual, distracting. Hungry and ready for the 2-for-1 offer on the Sunday roast half of us wound up at The Fox at Newbourne – always a warming and jolly way to end a winter walk.

A great day out Jacqui – many thanks.