Angela’s Osmotherly Long Weekend: 21st-25th November

Text contributed by Christina and Angela; pics various

Around 30 IOGers enjoyed this long weekend of walking in the Osmotherly area on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors – another trip admirably organised by Angela. We stayed in the YHA hostel which is situated about a mile from the village in a wooded area with an untamed brook filled with fast running water. The hostel sleeps 71 guests but Angela managed to rent it solely for our group.

On Friday, Glen led an eight-mile walk consisting of a large group of around 28. The weather was better than expected with some glimpses of blue sky and mostly dry. The route included a 1.25 double-run spur to take in the National Trust property of Mount Grace Priory, once inhabited by Carthusian monks. Apart from the spur, it’s an oval shaped walk following the Cleveland Way path north out of Osmotherley through South Wood and onto Scarth Wood Moor, which provided excellent views and thus ample opportunity for picture taking, before leaving that path and skirting the edge of Cod Beck Reservoir. It returned to Osmotherley via High Lane trackway, rejoining Cleveland Way and offering views of moorland.

Friday night’s entertainment involved a pub meal at the Three Tuns in Osmotherley.

On Saturday bad weather had been forecast and nobody fancied braving the elements and hiking. Most people went to York by train and enjoyed a guided tour, the railway museum, a walk around the walls, a visit to York Minster and a detour to York’s attractive Christmas Market. Others went further afield by car to Whitby.  A cold day cheered up by some mulled wine.

Steve decided to go for a solitary ride on his trusted mountain bike that day. He managed to do 15 miles or so before succumbing to the lure of a warm place and a cup of tea back at the hostel.

On Sunday there was a mix of walks with 17 of us joining Sarah on a scenic amble. We walked around 11 miles across fields with grazing sheep and across the high moors which offered breath-taking views even though there was a slight mist everywhere. The route headed south from Osmotherly towards Thimbleby, Over Silton and Nether Silton.

We took the tracks through Nether Silton / Over Silton Moor to the steepest section of the day, where we climbed around 100m over a roughly 1km section. We then joined the Cleveland Way for a short section to return to Osmotherly.

Matthew Thomas led 17 mile walk for a few brave people. The rest opted for short walk around Cod Beck reservoir and nearby woodland.

Thanks to those who led walks, to Glen for his evening of stand-up entertainment and Paul Jordan for the quiz on the last night.

And many thanks to Angela for organising this fantastic trip and for choosing such a great venue!

Glen’s stand-up routine – truncated to spare the blushes of the targets of his sharpest wit

Flat-capped Oswald explained at the outset that he had been suffering from a recent erectile dysfunction problem, and thought it best to try some stand-up while he still could!!

’Ow do All, I’m reet chuffed to meet the Ipswich masses
A fine body of men and good lookin’ lasses
I’m Osmotherley Oswald, local personality
Stubborn, plain-speaking, full of Yorkshire traditionality

Up here we’re known as quite dour but we do like a titter
Especially after six pints of Best Yorkshire Bitter
Known as God’s Own County, we proudly wear t’white rose
So much better than t’red of Lancashire, everyone knows

We’re the county that gave you t’original Full Monty
Quite a lot’s changed since days o’ sisters called Bronte
In Judi Dench and Diana Rigg, we’ve got famous mothers
We even brought you the Chuckle Brothers

Stars like Sean Bean and Geoffrey Boycott, no wonder we’re chipper
Just don’t breathe a word about t’ Yorkshire Ripper!
So pleased to see y’all here, the more the merrier
Well fed and watered like a happy Yorkshire Terrier….


So that’s it, folks
I know I’ve been a cheeky tyke
But now it’s time I’m on me bike
Some of me jokes they had their merits
But gotta go now – must feed me ferrets.