Celia and Martin’s Flatford Rowing Trip – Saturday 30th June

Text contributed by Celia, pics by Karen S.

A fun time was had by all three of us at the Grand Dedham to Flatford Rowing Event from Dedham to Flatford and back. The weather was a perfect 25° with a light breeze to speed us (slowly) on our way and get us back to Dedham before the ice creams melted and our money ran out.

We saw people swimming, canoeists paddling, cows mooing and managed to safely negotiate the v. calm river with the only mishap being Martin’s falling backwards off the rowing seat as we came in to land – he does like to do a little comedy act though, and didn’t even charge for it! Seriously though, we really enjoyed it on the river, particularly in such fine weather – so much so that at least two of us are thinking of purchasing a kayak.

Perhaps next time IOG members will be queuing round the block to get to the paddles!

[This one must have slipped under the radar – looks like a lovely day out! – Ed.]