Christina’s evening amble in Pinewood: Friday 18th August

Text contributed by Christina, pic by Glen

All good things must come to an end they say. This walk marks the fifth in a series of five I had intended to lead this summer. It certainly felt like one of these calm and balmy summer evenings when our group met at Marbled White Drive for a relaxing walk of five miles. We enjoyed a varied stroll along farm tracks and alongside fields, walked through some woodland at the outskirts of Belstead Village as well as Old Hall Wood and its lush green, waist-height fern. It contains an abundance of beautiful bluebells in spring and undulating topography that offers some great views onto south Ipswich.

As it is the tradition, most participants joined me for a drink at the nearby Belstead Brook Hotel. It is nice to see that there are a couple more Friday evening walks coming up. Everyone who comes along says that it makes the weekend feel longer and it is great to combine a shorter walk of around two hours with a social evening.