Dave’s Big Bash at Mill Cottage – Saturday 25th September

Text and pic contributed by Christina

Summer has come to an end and, after missing a year due to Covid lockdown, it was time for David to organise his annual BBQ for family and IOG members. It has become a popular social event in the IOG calendar, one not to be missed. This year, beef was in short supply and David knew somebody who could supply him with venison. People brought salads and quiches and various tasty bites to complement the meat, not to mention a selection of cakes and Rachael’s fabulous plum cake made with fruit from David’s plum tree. Well separated from the meat BBQ stood another BBQ for vegetarians – it quickly became a social hot spot with carnivores happily mingling with the herbivores.

Lou brought a generous number of samples of his ginger beer and fruit ciders and some more exotic creations to the party. The 40 or so guests were very lucky and enjoyed a mild, calm evening that proved to be the last this season. Probably fuelled by Lou’s home-brewed beverages, people got merrier as time went on. I very much enjoyed being in David’s lovely and rustic back garden and catching up with many people I have not seen since the start of lockdown.

Big thanks to our generous host David B.