Easter in Eskdale: In Other News

Poem contributed by Glen; pics by Simon.

An epic journey up the M6, at last we reached the Lakes
Received nicely at Stanley House, with mini-eggs and cakes

A late night briefing outlined all the important facts
Weary travellers off to bed, pleased to just relax

To Sca Fell early headed a keen contingent with voices loud
They wandered not lonely, but as a crowd

The spirit of the group was doubtless indomitable
Heather even made a snowman, but nothing abominable

Great views to experience, admiring the scenery
Meanwhile in the valley, a walk led by Chris Seabury

A separate group atop Beckfoot Fell found to their dismay
An expanded tarn had sadly washed their path away

Marshy bits abounded as we tried to avoid the bog
Others were fully occupied controlling their excited dog

The start of another day, and the majority take the train
A sunny forecast bodes very well, it isn’t going to rain

Some are thinking of pubs later and their favourite beers
Others in the Easter spirit, wearing floppy ears

People who chose the activity kindly led by Lou
Got an extra bonus, with not one lunch stop, but two

Evening meal at The Woolpack, people tell stories, maybe a fable
Anne gets more than she bargained for, emerging from under the table

People winding down after climbing that day’s heights
One was heard to confess he was a bunny in the headlights

The absence of some desserts gave Phil a hard decision to make
But he proved to all he can in fact get by without cheesecake

Suitably nourished, we gave the staff our compliments
An experience enjoyed by all, though Cort left behind his condiments

I don’t know how much drink we consumed at the bars
But on the walk back to Stanley House, everyone saw stars!