Evening Stroll in Needham Market – Friday 20th July

Pics contributed by Christina; text by Julie C.

A very pleasant time was had by all on Christina’s recent evening stroll around Needham Market which saw us walk through a variety of landscapes from woodland, to river, to fields.

What was most striking was just how bone dry everything was – a wonder that any crops were growing! As we walked up the side of a field through the hedgerow a beautiful muntjac deer bounced across our way, which we stopped to admire for several minutes.

Walking alongside the River Gipping with its fantastic waterlilies, made a refreshing respite from the yellow fields. Just as the sun was going down we retired to the outdoor seating area of the Red Lion in Needham, which was a lively, buzzy pub for a cool swift drink: a fun way to end to a wonderful evening.

The statistics are always of interest.

Start time: 18:46
End time: 21:18
Moving time: 2:05
Stopped time: 0:27
Distance: 9.1km (5.7 miles)
Average moving speed: 4.4 km/h (2.7 mph)