Glen’s Alresford Adventure – Sunday 12th August

Story contributed by Glen, pics by Christina and Marie.

Cheerfully undeterred by a capricious weather forecast (and duly rewarded with only very short-lived rainspot outbreaks), fourteen of us ventured over the southern Suffolk boundary into north-east Essex for an easy-paced meander starting from Alresford Station.

Our journey wended through Cockaynes Wood Nature Reserve where a blackboard of recent observations advised us that we had the missed the spectacle of 27 glowworms during July. Soon afterwards we began our gradual descent to the east bank of the River Colne just south of Wivenhoe, and then hugged the riverside for a while, viewing distant Mersey Island and nearby Fingrinhoe during a drinkstop at a particularly scenic spot.

Following Alresford Creek inland and skirting a slope of young grapevines, we passed by the tranquil beauty spot presented by the former mill and paused for our lunchbreak on a hillside nearby before making our way through some tight spots on the public footpath leading through Thorrington Scout Camp. After a disciplined single file movement along a short stretch of the B1027, we crossed three fields of horses then the Clacton/Walton railway line for a second time to lead us into the extensive Anglia Salads nurseries area before arriving back at our start point.

All attendees toddled off to the Pointer pub in Alresford for a drink afterwards. Though the beer unfortunately could not be recommended, the general group bonhomie made it a worthwhile stop. Good to meet potential new members Sam and Emma.