Glen’s Dog’s Dinner Walk – Sunday 11th August

Story and pics contributed by Christina

On Sunday 11th August a group of IOGers assembled in front of Tostock Village Hall, Norton Rd. From there Glen led an attractive 10 mile walk through lovely mid-Suffolk landscape, past freshly cut hay meadows and through woodland and fields with well groomed horses and donkeys which were pleasing to see.

It is true, the starting point was the same as Glen’s Tostock Tourist walk in July. The route, however, proved different indeed and also very varied. We stopped for lunch at Pakenham where some people had a drink in the Fox. Some were lucky enough to spot a woodpecker and I saw a couple of birds of prey circling in the sky. The whole scene felt peaceful with only few people crossing our paths.

Afterwards 8 of us enjoyed a meal at the Dog in Norton. The lamb roast proved popular as well as the pub’s fine steak and ale Pie, a good place to eat out .