Glen’s Norwich Neighbourhoods (Platinum Plod!) – Thursday 2nd June

Text contributed by Joyce C, pics by Glen

Current and future IOG’ers joined Glen on his Platinum Plod around lots of green leafy spaces in Norwich. David even carried a huge bottle of Prosecco to toast the occasion of the extra Bank Holiday.

David serving Prosecco in Plantation Garden

After passing through Lion Wood, we hiked to St James Hill for a wonderful view down into Norwich. We continued to Mousehold Heath and then the hidden gem of the Plantation Garden, where we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine. Then it was onto Earlham Cemetery, which was a haven of quietness and beauty. The next surprise were the grounds of the University of East Anglia and the broad expanse of water there. We crossed over into Eaton Park which became our afternoon refreshment and comfort stop.

Eaton Park

Some departed for transport at this point and others continued. Thanks Glen and everyone for their company.

River Wensum