Glen’s Wensum Walkabout – Saturday 21st April

Words contributed by M-L; pics by M-L, Glenys and Christina

This was a lovely day out in and around Norwich for the seven participants, under Glen’s informed guidance and in full sunshine. It was a particular pleasure for me as I had an old friend from Finland with me who was dazzled by the city, its cathedral, markets, river, parks – and spring flowers in April (Finland was still under snow last time she looked).

Most of the sixish miles of the walk followed riverside paths alongside the Wensum, but we also climbed Kett’s Heights, a little-known spot that offers a marvellous viewpoint over the city, and visited Plantation Garden. These once-beautiful gardens are located in a spectacular old quarry in the centre of Norwich but were actually forgotten until their re-discovery in the 1980s. They have now been restored to former glory and offer a real haven in an urban setting.

Finally, in true IOG style, we dropped in for a relaxed drink at the Red Lion, described as a ‘traditional real ale boozer by the river’ – just our kind of place.

Thanks Glen for a great day out!