Ian’s Snape to Aldeburgh Walk – Sunday 11th November

Story contributed by John W., pics by John and Kari.

This was a nice walk. A bunch of optimists made their way to Snape Maltings not knowing whether or not the heavy morning rain was likely to dampen our day. It turned out the weather improved dramatically before the 10 o’clock start and it was dry all walk and T shirt weather at times. Not bad for November!

We welcomed 2 new members to the group just after setting off which brought the number to a healthy 18.

Everyone stopped at 11.00 for two minutes of silence in remembrance of those who have sacrificed their lives for us.

Aldeburgh was the halfway mark and we broke off into little groups depending on lunch preference. The retro cafe was the choice of many to calorie up for the return in nostalgic surroundings while others sampled some Suffolk ales.

A total of about 12 miles saw us back at Snape for a well-deserved rest in the pub. Conversations there included a recruitment drive… only 10 more members to reach the 200 mark… the Marx brothers…Santa…films that make you cry…the fact that just about everyone on the walk was single…. and much much more.