IOG Committee role – Members Representative


  • Internet access, email and a personal phone number which can be shared to the public in print and online
  • Empathy, tact and subtly needed to ensure members are listened to fairly and impartially
  • A good appreciation of data protection legislation, incl. GDPR & DPA
  • The availability throughout the year to respond to both members and non-members enquiries within a timely manner
  • Word processing application (e.g. free LibreOffice Writer), with associated skills

Role Description

  • Act as a first, personal point of contact for potential new members to the group – respond by phone or email to any group enquiries, either sent to the publicised email address or when called (email communication is specified on group materials, as preferable). Provide materials to potential new members e.g. printed membership forms in person or email links to useful information on the website, where appropriate.
  • Act as a first, personal point of contact for all members of the group, treating everyone with empathy and ensuring that all members are listened to fairly and impartially – respond by email to any issues, concerns or enquiries from current group members sent to the email address or offer a supportive phone call, if appropriate. Do the best to resolve issues, answer any questions and provide information requested, involving any other appropriate committee members, as needed.
  • For more complicated issues, once the Committee/Chair have agreed on a plan of action, contact the member to discuss outcome and do as much as the group can be expected to, to ensure they are satisfied with the resolution. Follow up contact with the member as required.
  • Try to attend the monthly social meetings to welcome potential new and existing members, provide a friendly greeting to anyone who may not yet know others attending or try to find someone else attending willing to stand in.
  • Specifically request contributions from members for Committee meetings and add any new items for discussion to the meeting agenda, preferably by emailing the Chair beforehand, or otherwise bringing up late items under Any Other Business
  • Work with the Internet Officer and provide useful material for the IOG website, such as the answers to frequently asked questions about the group and information about the stores that offer IOG members discounts
  • Maintain the relationship with all the existing stores who have offered the group discounts.
    – Keep a record of the store contacts
    – Check in with them quarterly to ensure the discounts are still offered and the group’s contact hasn’t changed
    – Keep the stores refreshed with IOG Printed Programmes and IOG Membership Forms for those that wish to display / hold them
    – Remove those stores who no longer offer members a discount from our online information & notify the membership
  • Approach new stores that may be willing to offer the group discounts and, if they agree, collect all the info required to share with members on the website, then send an announcement to the group mailing list
  • Maintain:
    – IOG Retailer Contacts document
  • Attend as many IOG committee meetings as possible through the year, and represent members interests on the committee. Whilst on the committee, lead by example and encourage a positive, healthy group dynamic. Call out and/or report back any inappropriate behaviour on IOG events.
  • Arrange and lead a handover meeting with the successor, when stepping down from the role