IOG Committee role – Secretary


  • Internet access and email
  • Word processing application (e.g. free LibreOffice Writer), with associated skills

Role Description

  • One of the mandatory Officers of the Group according to the IOG Constitution. The Secretary is a signatory on the group bank account and holds a number of responsibilities described in the constitution, including establishing correct procedure according to the group constitution and delivering an annual report from the Committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Produce, distribute and archive formal agendas and minutes for all group General Meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, to be distributed to the group membership and then confirmed by the group at the following AGM. Note: this formal responsibility is not mandated to extend to private committee meetings.
  • Oversee renewal of the group’s insurance – perform a review of the current arrangements annually before renewing, to ensure the policy remains the most appropriate cover for the group’s requirements.
  • Ensure the FAQ page on the IOG website is kept up to date with the latest information agreed with the insurance broker, regarding the policy and maintain a familarity of the specific detail listed.
  • Respond to any enquiries from members to the email address. This may include queries about the group’s liability insurance policy, which should be answered to the best of our ability. If necessary, act as a front-door for communications to the insurance broker.
  • Depending on what is agreed by that year’s committee, possibly make basic committee meeting notes, primarily of actions, at each committee meeting (or arrange for someone else to, if absent) and circulate them to the committee shortly after each committee meeting. In this case, the secretary should keep a local copy of any committee notes for the year, for reference. At a minimum, the secretary should send out reminders to the rest of the committee of when and where the next committee meeting will be held.
  • Provide early reminders to both the committee and members regarding various events throughout the year based on the IOG Annual Planner document e.g. ask the group for volunteers for organising a Christmas group event, or regular IOG trips e.g. Easter Lake District or New Year. These reminders should be sent early enough to ensure that there is plenty of time to plan and book suitable venues.
  • Maintain:
    – IOG Constitution document
    – IOG Secretary role document
    – IOG Annual Planner document
    – IOG Inventory document, co-ordinating the location of all IOG-owned kit
    – IOG Committee record document, incl. photos – take a new photo of the entire committee each year, and record with a note of exactly who is in the photo
  • Organise a leaving certificate, and possibly thank you gift if the committee deems appropriate, when committee members step down from their roles, for presentation at the AGM.
  • Attend as many IOG committee meetings as possible through the year, and represent members interests on the committee. Whilst on the committee, lead by example and encourage a positive, healthy group dynamic. Call out and/or report back any inappropriate behaviour on IOG events.
  • Arrange and lead a handover meeting with the successor, when stepping down from the role.