IOG Committee role – Treasurer


  • Internet access and email
  • Appropriate financial background and experience
  • A good understanding of relevant financial legislation
  • Word processing application (e.g. free LibreOffice Writer), with associated skills
  • Spreadsheet application (e.g. free LibreOffice Calc), with associated skills

Role Description

  • One of the mandatory Officers of the Group according to the IOG Constitution. The Treasurer is a signatory on the group bank account and holds a number of responsibilities described in the constitution.
  • Maintain Cashbook for Ipswich Outdoor Group (currently within Online Excel) which includes:
    – Set up online payments on the banking website for payments out of the bank account. Request via email that a second signatory logs into the banking website to authorise the payment.
    – Write and record any cheques needed for payments out of the bank account. Organise signature by a second signatory
    – Maintain a file recording invoices or back up to all payments as well as the bank statements
    – Check and record all receipts received in to the bank account
    – Bank membership cheques into the bank account
    – Reconcile the cashbook records back to bank statements or online bank balance
  • Compile the year end accounts to 30 September ahead of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is usually held in November. Ensure everything agrees back to the records and everything reconciles. The production of the accounts is currently set up to occur automatically from the Cashbook records spreadsheet
  • Organise the check of the year end accounts and its records with the Group’s volunteer Auditor
  • Act as signatory/payment authoriser on the account. All payments require a second signature/authorisation from one of the three other signatories
  • Present a brief Treasurer’s Report describing the financial position of the group, at the AGM
  • Ensure after each AGM that the Bank Mandate is updated with any changes that have occurred to the Committee and therefore the signatories as required. Ensure this is recorded in the minutes of a Committee meeting
  • Organise online access to the bank account for any signatories that require it
  • Maintain:
    – a historical archive of IOG Annual Accounts documents, as published to the membership
  • Attend as many IOG committee meetings as possible through the year, and represent members interests on the committee. Whilst on the committee, lead by example and encourage a positive, healthy group dynamic. Call out and/or report back any inappropriate behaviour on IOG events
  • Arrange and lead a handover meeting with the successor, when stepping down from the role