Julian’s Sunny Sunrise Walk – Sunday 3rd February

Pics and text contributed by Rachael

The sky was clear and the air was cold and frosty as we headed down to Fludgers Pub on Felixstowe’s seafront, where a group of eight hardy IOGers had gathered to see the sun rise over the sea. A small band of cloud was lying along the horizon so it was a little late arriving and it wasn’t until 7.40 that we saw the first proper glimmer of sun emerge into view. However, within 5 minutes it was gleaming across the water.

We headed north along the prom and onto the beach.  It was such a hard frost that even the shingle was firm to walk on today, but we soon warmed up as we made our way along the promenade towards Felixstowe Ferry.

We looped across and around the golf course and met up with a couple of late arisers at the Ferryboat Inn before returning back along the promenade for a short way. The sun now beaming on our faces.

The route then took us inland along a few little icy lanes, across fields and through some lovely woodland. Through the woods we tiptoed carefully and we were able to see a few Felixstowe Fairies.

We then headed into the town with our tummies rumbling. So the next stop was Ruby’s Kitchen tearoom where we all enjoyed a rather nice breakfast.

Fully refreshed, we continued our journey back through the gardens and had our photo taken with a few of the locals.

And returned back to the seafront.

Route Map – 6.5 miles