One of Sally’s Martlesham Walks – Saturday 4th December

Text and pics contributed by M-L

A grey and lowering morning saw twelve walkers gather outside Sally’s house in Martlesham for a short, sociable stroll of under five miles – a good way to kick off the weekend. Sally’s route cleverly avoided residential pockets where possible and wound through the unbuilt-up areas of Martlesham Heath – over playing fields and through woodland and gorse. On cue the sun broke through and it turned briefly into a lovely, autumnal day. Naturally I forgot to get my camera out until we were nearly home, but take my word for it – it was as pretty a walk as one can find so close to Ipswich’s centre.

According to tradition, the walk ended in a jolly old hostelry – the Douglas Bader in this case – before people went on their way refreshed by good company and a bit of Ipswich’s great outdoors.

Walk to Martlesham Sq

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