Paul’s Dunwich Birthday Walk – Monday 28th August

Words and map contributed by Paul, pic by Ian.

Deciding to celebrate a disappointingly massive birthday with a walk and a meal, I was blessed with the company of ten IOGers for the day. Meeting at Dunwich for a prompt 9.30am departure, we headed west beneath an unending blue canopy, basking in welcome sunshine.

It being my birthday, I knew my exceedingly rusty map reading skills would be forgiven (if not forgotten) and proceeded to lead everyone astray, geographically speaking! Intending to keep north of Westleton and veer towards Wenhaston, yours truly was a tad perturbed to be informed he’d found his way onto Dunwich Road. Oops. The error was, fortunately, soon corrected, and we wound our way north, back on track. With ‘a little help from my friends’, there were no further material directional mishaps. Fortunately!

Beautiful blue skies accompanied us as we made our way north to Wenhaston, followed the River Blyth east towards Walberswick, through Walberswick National Nature Reserve, and back to Dunwich through the forest. I know different people had varying favourite sections of the route, but mine was possibly heading east from Blythburgh, with delightfully wide vistas across the marshes. We also briefly inhabited, during the afternoon, a refreshing forest glade – and I assure you we were all much happier than we look in Ian’s photo!

After our 19 mile stroll, certain hardy souls ‘enjoyed’ a swim in the North Sea, whilst others of us (including the author) were tempted by ice creams and the like. The Ship proved to be a great place to end the day over a glass of wine and three tasty courses, surrounded by friends and regaled with humour and good company. Thanks to each of you able to join me for the day. Not sure if my birthday warranted a shindig or a wake, but turning sixty wasn’t half as bad as it might otherwise have been! However, from here on in, I fully intend to copy Benjamin Button!