Punting on the Cam – Saturday 24th June

The editor couldn’t generate a report for this one but has been reliably informed that the weather was dry and the sun shone for much of the time. Five people attended (Glenys, David Bird, Florence, Stella and David Mills, the organiser) which is apparently the optimum number for a punt.  Dave M., who punted weekly when a student at Cambridge, gave advice to those who gadn’t done it before, though Stella had prepared herself by watching a youtube video on the subject the night before.

Nobody fell in.  They punted on the upper river from Cambridge to Granchester and back, stopping en route in Granchester Meadows for a picnic lunch and the Orchard Tea Garden in Granchester for tea.  There were a lot of drunk students ‘wild swimming’ en route along with the usual scenery.

All in all, and judging by the pictures, it seems to have been a lovely day out.