Three walks starting from Adastral Park

Text and pics contributed by Paul J.

My group at work try to arrange some kind of social activity every now and then. There was only one idea which seemed possible with the restrictions in force just before Lockdown Two: some kind of walk.

The charity CALM (Campaign against living miserably) was prompting sponsored walks and so that was selected as a motivator. Their cancelled main event had distances of 10.3 and 13 miles and so we stuck with those and timed it so that people could do them in any combination.

Of course at that time the maximum group size was six and so we couldn’t really have a walk leader. As a substitute I supplied each group with a full set of GPX files and turn-by-turn instructions and included notes of local interest.

We had a successful day walking the three routes which all start and finish near Adastral Park in Martlesham. Highlights were spotting two macaws being exercised and the evening light bathing the riverside at Waldringfield.

We spotted macaws being exercised

All of this has some relevance to IOG as I now have these tested route plans available for anyone in the group who wants to use them privately. Just let me know if you want a copy or would like me to walk it. Even better – you could use them as an easy way to lead a walk for the group once restrictions allow, in which case I’ll help in any way I can.