Walking from Home into Belstead Brook Park and beyond

Text and pictures contributed by Sarah

I’m lucky to live on the edge of Belstead Brook Park, so I can go down there for a wonder to get some exercise. It’s odd not to be able to go further than a few miles from home at the moment but it’s been great exploring this area again. I’ve found new paths that have sprung up recently that I haven’t used before. I’ve been going for walks some days after I’ve finished working at home and I’ve worked out where the quieter paths are so that I don’t pass too many people.

I went for a couple of slightly longer walks over the weekend, heading through the tunnel under the A14 towards Copdock and Belstead. I have a few different options from home, so I shouldn’t get too bored over the coming Easter weekend and the coming weeks.

I’m also enjoying coming across the different messages that people are leaving dotted around. My particular favourite was the wool rainbow tied in a tree with the words “Try to be a Rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”

I’m looking forward to seeing all my IOG friends on the other side of this and getting out for longer walks. Stay safe in the meantime everyone.