Walking St Cuthbert’s Way – Saturday 22nd-Sunday 30th April

Day 2 – contributed by Miriam

When I die, bury me low
Where I can hear the bonny Tweed flow,
A sweeter place I never will know,
Than the rolling hills o’ the Borders.

(Matt McGinn)

Well, we said farewell to the Tweed and followed the Jed until starting to climb again. Indeed, the rolling hills of the border are beautiful.

We had fewer miles to cover today, but more ascents and descents. The rain was threatening quite early on so waterproofs were worn for most the day. We managed to have elevenses at 12.

After about a mile’s walk on, our backmarker thought it easier to sprint back to our elevenses spot rather than double check inside his rucksack for his phone (hey hey).

The village of Morebattle was our lunch spot, with charming road names such as Teapot Street, Teapot Bank and Thimble Row. Despite the rain we had a lovely lunch stop outside the community village store which sold hot drinks and Irn bru flavoured bon bons. We had our photo taken by them and will get into the store’s newsletter, so they will get into ours. After plastering our new blisters we continued upwards.

The rest of us reached the highest point on St. Cuthbert’s way on Wideopen Hill at 12074 ft with clear skies. It’s also the halfway point between Melrose and Lindisfarne with stunning panoramic views. Thankfully the clouds cleared for our ascent and descent.

We’re currently enjoying whiskeys in the Border Hotel and heading off to baths and bed.