A Rubbish Event: Sunday 17th March

Text contributed by Pete; pics by Christina and Glen.

Starting at 11am on a rainy Sunday morning in March, an intrepid group of six IOG members set off for a stroll along the Alderman Canal path in Ipswich. This was to be a short walk when compared to most undertaken by the group, but the other walks involve far less rubbish.

The aim of this particular outing was to pick up and clear away as much rubbish as we could find and (for safety reasons) reach along the path.

Equipped with litter pickers and bin bags, our small but determined group were soon operating like a well-oiled machine as bag after bag of cans, bottles, and other assorted junk was removed from the path and the surrounding area.

Amongst the 14 bags of pretty standard rubbish collected, we also encountered items of footwear (singular and, in one instance, a matching pair), random pieces of discarded clothing and, of course, the back wheel of a bike.

Just under three hours later, with all of the rubbish discarded at the very conveniently located council recycling centre, we retired to a nearby coffee shop for a well-earned hot drink and a chance to dry out.

All in all, a job well done.