Another day in Joyce’s lockdown – Tuesday, 29th April

As a key worker I have to go in every now and then, so yesterday I took my daily walk from my school in Comb, Stowmarket,…..and how beautiful it was.

I decided to stroll down to the historic Badley Church which fell out of use in the 1980s. No road goes within a mile of it so it’s always peaceful and restorative. A field of cowslips nearby was also a reward as I wandered to the famous Badley Walks where a tree lined tunnel was as verdant as I expected.

I then crossed the road to Badley Mill to take the River Gipping Path into Stowmarket. The railway was busy with test trains and presumably all were on time! In my experience,  the River Gipping is usually underwater or under nettles and yesterday it was on the cusp of a nettle invasion so my secateurs were kept busy. As I approached the Muntons factory the vivid smell reminded me of Maltesers and Horlicks! The set of colourful seats were an attempt to add a splash of colour to the former ICI Paints factory.

I left the river bank to walk back to school, counting my blessings on the way.