Briarbank Beer Festival – Friday 25th August 2017


Pics and text contributed by Anne Rawcliffe

It was Frank’s fault for suggesting an IOG meet-up at the Briarbank Beer Festival.

It was Frank’s fault that he delegated the organisation to Lou.

It was Frank’s fault that it was a warm, dry evening, forcing us to sit outdoors all evening (in keeping with IOG ethos), and exacerbating our thirst.

It was Frank’s fault that the event was well attended by a variety of IOG members at different times, resulting in random rounds of drinks being purchased throughout the evening from a huge beer menu.

It was Frank’s fault (even though he didn’t turn up until later) that there was a pub quiz, in which us IOG’ers felt obliged to participate.

It was Frank’s fault that IOG’ers somehow managed to win said quiz, even without Sarah’s input.

It was Frank’s fault that he bought Lou a pint of the strongest brew on the menu (Belgian, 6.8%), which Lou felt obliged to consume.

It was Frank’s fault that I had to prop up Lou walking/staggering all the way back home.

Nevertheless, it was down to Frank – at least in part – that we all had a really enjoyable, chilled, and beery start to the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Thanks Frank.

With an afterword from Christina:

It certainly felt like a splendid evening to go out and enjoy a pint or two at this year’s beer festival at Briarbank. I counted 11 IOGers who joined Lou in the course of this pleasant late summer evening. No doubt, many IOGers had to prepare for the Arran trip and were therefore unable to come along.

When I arrived, the quiz was already in full swing. All tables in their beer garden were occupied with groups happy to face the challenge, no doubt fulled by the pubs finest beers. It was great to be able to sit outside. We had a fantastic result – our group were the winning team and were given the prize, a bottle of expensive looking sparkling wine and a generous voucher of £30 ☺