Christina’s Christmassy Beer Trail – Thursday 14th December

Words and pics contributed by Christina 

A jolly group of IOGers joined me for a meal and social night at Briarbank. I had been surprised how easy it was to book a few tables for an expected group of 20 at the back of the pub. We were able to sample their home made ales and beers by choosing three different drinks; each was a third of a pint. I particularly enjoyed their berry cider and a strong and Christmassy ale creation. Many of those ordering a meal expressed their satisfaction afterwards. The pub’s all-day breakfast, pies, and bangers and mash were particularly popular. Later on we decamped to the Rep pub and restaurant in Tower St. To me it certainly is one of the town’s finest buildings with its balconies and open spaces and cosy interior. Charles Dickens is known to have given readings from the stage when it was the town’s theatre, perhaps of Pickwick Papers with its Ipswich references?

Two great places to start off the festive season. It was good to see you all before heading off to Germany this Friday.