Easter Monday’s Washbrook Walk

Text and pics contributed by Anni M.

It was a Sarah and Simon’s post-lockdown, rule of six, Little Wenham and Washbrook Walk from Pinewood in Ipswich. Eleven-and-half-miles to stretch the legs, and reintroduce the facial muscles to smiling and talking to real people rather than a screen.

After a small snow shower in the morning, we were on our way by 10.30am heading west across the fields. The north wind was a tad blustery, but we didn’t mind. We were walking ‘with’ people. Yes! Able to walk and talk and catch up with face-to-face activity (or side-to-side) as a result of Covid conditioning behaviours.

I’d like to tell you I took note of the route, the landscape, the flora and fauna etc., but I didn’t. I was just focused on each glorious step, the feel of the sun on my skin, the chill of the wind when we turned north, and simply being with other good humans. What a joy!

The notable church half way round is All Saints in Little Wenham, which provided shelter for our lunch stop. Food always tastes so good outdoors, and even better during a walk. The simple pleasures. Here is a link to the Church if you would like to know more.

A couple of us ventured onto the zip wire just past Washbrook. Wheeeee!! This ended the walk with a few laughs and a promise to remember that the outdoors is full of opportunity to do what we love, have fun and maybe even get out of our comfort zone, aim for higher and longer zip wire adventures.

The lovely Washbrook community pub, the Brook Inn was closed as we passed, but with lockdown rules easing they are due to re-open on 12th of April for beer garden service. Cheers