Games Night 2 – Let’s Twist again – 5th February

Words contributed by Toby & Tess, pics by Peter

When are all these 40-somethings going to start acting like adults?
Obviously I’m not referring to the sensible, reserved, erudite 60-
somethings nor the 20-somethings who can be excused for their behaviour.” [anonymous bystander]

Tuesday night saw the second indoor games outing for the Outdoor group – our goal was to play games of skill and chance in our usual room upstairs at the Thomas Wolsey.

Despite Tess worrying she might be playing solitaire by herself, right at the start we had enough people for a game of Perudo, where the all players have several dice and you bid on what everyone has rolled. Or bluff. Badly in my case.

Several others turned up and started with Exploding Kittens, a game where you try not to get the exploding card. With the opportunity to place exploding kittens in the pack to ambush your fellow players, you soon find out who your friends are.

Then we got our shoes off and got on with the main event – Twister. Sadly, I don’t know my right from my left so got kicked out early, but Tess and Rachael proved more flexible.

Tess also wanted me to point out that whilst we were playing 5 Second Rule, a board game that requires you to name three things within five seconds, every person playing failed to be able to name three mountains. That sounds horrendous for an outdoor group, but to be fair we were all so noisy and excited by that point that most people simply hadn’t heard what was being asked until it was too late. 😉 [Chairman Pete]