Ian’s Chelmondiston to Shotley Trudge in the Sludge – Sunday 10th February

Pics and story – an anonymous donation.

Ian (our Micky the Cobra lookalike) sat quietly in his car hoping no one in their right mind would turn up. No one in their right mind turned up. But there were 18 IOGers who did. Can’t imagine Ian was the draw – and it wasn’t the weather.

The worst was after the Bristol Arms pub stop. Indecently no one had a beer – eh? There was a torturous, strong, biting coastal wind along the Orwell southern bank whilst the path was very slippery. That was exhausting.

Windy, cold and wet. Utterly miserable. How do I persuade the rest of the IOG that they missed out on a treat? But they did miss out – especially that feeling of relief when you saw the end.