Glen’s Ardleigh Acquaintances – Sunday 20th September

Text contributed by Christina, pictures by Karen

It truly felt like an Indian Summer day when 5 of us joined Glen on a pleasant Sunday stroll near Ardleigh Reservoir, an affluent and green area with picturesque cottages and grand country houses not too far from Colchester. Karen travelled 1.45 hours from Peterborough to meet some friends from IOG at the starting point, a free car park in Ardleigh.

Salary Brook which led through a dense woodland area proved a magic spot to take some pictures, and where we enjoyed the peace and the light reflections in the clear water. An onion field which had been recently harvested proved irresistible to me. I was happy to carry my load of onions which had been missed by the machine.

Glen had forewarned people that there would be a boring stretch of walking across a field and along a road at the end of the walk. Nobody seemed to take any notice where we were walking, though – we were all competing in a quiz around naming countries starting with letters of the alphabet. The two lucky winners were Phil and Sally which caused Glen to invite everyone for a drink at the Wooden Fender, where we were comfortably seated in their extensive garden area.

I thought their Sunday roast looked absolutely delicious! The dozens of  wasps probably thought the same, they were causing real distress to the numerous diners around us.

Another interesting and varied walk by Glen to be remembered.

Glen's Ardleigh Acquaintances