Glen’s Woodbridge Wheedle Walk – Sunday 27th October

Pictures contributed by Christina & M-L; story by M-L.

Glen’s Woodbridge Wheedle (the title referring to the last-minute nature of the walk, and Glen’s hope that it would be attended) was, in fact, very well-attended by people looking forward to soaking up some mid-autumn sun. We weren’t disappointed – it was a lovely day.

Walkers gathered at Melton car park and set off along the river for Woodbridge – with the tide at full height and the mudflats mostly covered, for a change. Past the tide mill and up into Elmshurst Park for a sunny lunch break and then we went into town, strolling along the Thoroughfare and up the hill – charming an Australian visitor with a taste of one of Suffolk’s prettier towns.

From there, Glen guided us through woodland and heath, back down towards the Deben, with some spectacular views along the way. The mushrooms were prolific, but, sadly, nothing that the mushroom foragers amongst us trusted; I wondered about those in the pic here – I remember Finnish friends picking something similar – but anything about which there is even the faintest shadow of doubt should be left strictly alone.

We finished the walk in customary style with refreshments at the Wilford Bridge pub and then some of us went on to visit Vicky and Justin’s new alpacas at their beautiful place in Martlesham. These were almost impossibly cute and ‘stuffed-toyish’, especial the baby of the little herd who politely put up with being petted, cuddled and bottle fed by the visitors. There will be another opportunity to meet these lovely animals after Christina’s planned Martlesham stroll in the beginning of January.

Thanks, Glen, for another well-planned and thoroughly enjoyable day out.