Ian’s Newbourne, Hemley, Waldringfield Walk – Sunday 14th October

Pics and report contributed by John Wright

Ian Robinson led this dual distance walk in his usual fashion. Despite this a good time was had by all.*

While others stayed under their duvets, 14 of the group’s bravest prepared for foul weather and marched for hours through the beautiful countryside. The weather decided to remain dry for the duration which was nice.

At the half-way mark we had a break for food and drink at the Maybush Inn on the waterfront and gained two walkers and a dog.

At the eight-mile mark we lost four walkers and a dog. But we did it on purpose. The rest carried on for three miles through a stinging nettle guard of honour before settling into the Fox at Newbourne just as the rain started, some of us taking advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free Sunday Roast. A smaller group carried on to the Golf Pub in Ipswich until closing time.

In summary…A pub crawl with some countryside thrown in. Cheers.

*In truth this was a well prepared and well led walk with no incidents, accidents or accusations. Thank you, IOG!