Ian’s Sizewell Walk – Sunday 13th January

Diary entry by Dr Evadne Hinge, pics various.

Dear Diary,

Something new for the New Year: a date with the Ipswich Oap Group. And a lovely day it was. A wonderful long walk 8 miles once around the power stations at Sizewell.

I wish dearest Hilda was here to see it. All these young men needing guidance.

And more delights. My favourite Emva Cream (I’m not allowed that at the home) with our sandwiches at the Eels Foot public house.

So many people (including youngsters and pets) turned out – it was like a big family day at the beach. The leader, a fellow called Ian reminded me of my grandson’s friend “Micky the Cobra” – such a nice young man and he’ll be out soon.

I’ll ask nurse if we can join.

Yours as ever,
Evadne Hinge (Dr)