Tess’s Games Night – Monday 7th January

Report and pics contributed by A. Bollard

Dear Editor,

Eleven members spotted Tess’s games night on the programme – well, eleven turned up. It was a great evening so watch out for the next one. Scrub that. It was a great evening and eleven (or twelve) is the perfect number. The venue: our very own private room at the Thos Wolsey. Two games took up most the evening, Articulate and Codenames. I think there was also a very quick game of chess – inadequate IQ in the room for a decent match.

Have a look at the pictures. The first (above) was Articulate. You are mainly looking at losers save for the three on the right to the front of the shot who joined late and came up from behind – an amazing victory by Kevin, Claire, Torben and me (the photographer).

And this was after Codenames. Again mostly losers save Kevin, Tess, Torben and me. I can see a theme. The usual stalwarts of such events (e.g. The Machine and Blue Thunder chairperson formerly known as samwise) were consistently on the losing sides.

Some of the above is true.


A. Bollard.