Paul’s Westerfield to Woodbridge Walk – Sunday 6th January

Report contributed by A. Bollard; pics various

Dear Editor,

You asked for a few words on Paul’s Westerfield to Woodbridge walk, mostly following the Fynn River. It was a lovely event, more social activity than active activity – half the frigging group turned up. Reckon it was the two-for-one dinner that did it. 8.5ish miles an easy stroll – too namby-pamby for some who wouldn’t get out of bed for less than twelve miles.


So another 5 miles were added; topped and tailed by that stalwart of the group (chairman take note and remove his name from your blacklist) for the seven or so heavy-weights.

Two pubs (what is the IOG coming to?), a train journey (some of you still owe me for the fare) and an enjoyable meal at the end. Cheers Paul.

Regards, A Bollard.