Raj & Naina’s Stour Valley walk – Sunday 14th June

Text and pics contributed by Raj.

Stour Valley Walk 2 of 6 completed today, 12.2 miles / 19.6 km. We were hoping to have done this walk last week but it rained so it was delayed until this weekend.

We started from the Kingfisher Sports centre car park which is free on Sunday. The recent staged easing of the lock down has resulted in us encountering more people either walking or cycling. I guess this is to be expected as the old railway track does offer a safer place for walking and cycling. The route covers quite a lot of it and I was glad of the cover it provided on a sunny day as I’d forgotten my hat.

We walked for just under 10 miles / 16 km before making a stop for something to eat. I must admit I was starting to slow down somewhat but as luck would have it we found the Old Mill Hotel was open and serving bottled drinks as well as chips. Unfortunately they didn’t have any real ale so I had to make do with cider. I can attest to the invigorating power of the beverage though, as all of my aches and pains had very nearly disappeared after just one drink.