Sarah’s Castle Hedingham Walk – Saturday 10th March

Pictures and map contributed by Christina, Sarah and Simon; story by Christina.

Sixteen of us joined Sarah on her walk which started near Castle Hedingham in Essex and led us through Sible Hedingham and Great Maplestead. I thought the whole experience was great fun from start to finish.

At work I always struggle to explain to non-walkers and indoor activists the joys of walking, even in winter, when the ground is likely to be muddy and slippery and a chill might spread to our bones when we stop to enjoy our sandwiches in the more often than not wet or at least damp outdoors.

On Saturday we covered nine muddy and boggy miles or so, walking across fields and through woodland and alongside brooks, up and down surprisingly steep inclines intercepted by numerous amazing views into the valley. We noticed many daffodils and other signs of spring everywhere.

Among the numerous highlights of this walks were a group of small deer and an Egret. Some of us were lucky enough to see a grey heron flying low across a field. Being a horse lover Carolyn was delighted to see a group of well-groomed horses gazing at us from a field. Looking at my own dirty boots and brown walking trousers with matching mud splashes, I asked myself how on earth they managed to stay so pristine.

A big thank you to Sarah for organising this great walk.