Stowmarket Surroundings: Sunday 21st January

Text and Pictures contributed by Simon.

Glen’s Stowmarket Surroundings walk took place on 21st January 2024. Our 9.5-mile route took us over muddy fields, along woodland boardwalks and through newly built housing estates. A 130-year-old bath tub on the site of the Stow Lodge workhouse infirmary provided a good spot for the obligatory group photo.

We waited for a long time at a level crossing near the pub claiming to be Stowmarket’s number one karaoke bar (?!).

When the barriers lifted, most of us dashed across. Then the sirens rang out and the crossing immediately closed again – leaving three of our group impatiently waiting on the other side of the train tracks…

After walk drinks were taken at the rather excellent Walnut pub in Stowmarket.